Document Management System

Document Management System

Document Management SystemWe build Document Management Systems(DMS) that assist enterprises to digitally manage the creation, storage,retrieval and processing of documents. A Document Management Systems is a software that securely stores and processes documents in a digital format.

It allows organizations to track, publish, and manage large collections of documents in a secure environment. Our DMS is suitable for both small and large organisations.It is designed with custom specifications that closely emulate the document schedule of the organization and allows for intelligent searching and sorting of documents.

Installing a DMS reduces cost,increases productivity and eliminates the bottleneck involved in transferring documents from one office or department to another.It also increases document longevity prevents the loss of vital documents as documents are stored in secure servers. Infocheck has developed great expertise in building enterprise-grade document management systems that scale appropriately in managing official data and information processes.Our solution reduces costs by automating tasks and improving business efficiency and productivity.

Core Features of our Document Management System:

Document Metadata

Proper description of the document during creation makes it searchable and visible to users.


This is an extra layer of organization.By tagging closely related documents,we are able to ensure that documents are easily retrieved.

Retrieval / Search

All information and documents are stored in a robust and intelligent system that is easily sortable and searchable.Advanced Search with filters allows you to retrieve documents on the fly.


With collaboration,we are able to depict the movement of documents from one office to another, allowing easy sharing of digital media among staff.Access order permissions are also setup allowing different people to act on the same document sequentially thereby eliminating bottleneck.

File Uploads

File uploads are as simple as “drag and drop”.Upload and tag documents on the fly.

Document State

For Documents that require processing,we will create a flow process ranging from under review, approval, lock-down and publication.This is a custom solution tailored to simulate any already established document flow process.


Document security is our top priority.Our Document Management Systems are hosted on secure private servers that are hackproof.It also includes access level checks that ensures that critical documents can only be viewed by personnel that have proper clearance.


Our DMS allows for complete versioning of document with the ability to access the correct and current version of a document.Changes made to a document can be viewed in a history log with option to revert.

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