Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

business automation Business Process Automation is an innovative app that securely manages and connects data,information, employee info and workflow processes of an organization.It is an intelligent networking solution that provides a smarter and efficient way to manage and process business operations, allowing organizations to align their resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives and priorities that maximize business efficiency.

Our business process automation solution is designed to provide your business with all the information management tools you will ever need, eliminating high overhead costs and redundancy in day to day business activities.It digitally integrates all processes of business administration,automating paper based processes,and optimizing efficiency.

At the outset of this project,our team will conduct detailed analysis of the company’s current business processes and functional structure.Using this information we then design a system that integrates business activities efficiently thereby increasing deliverables and work productivity of employees.

From memos to purchase orders, invoices to expense reports and receipts, our solution allows authorized staff to share and minute documents easily providing instant access to information via a secure repository. This minimizes the huge costs associated with paper based documentation, while increasing management efficiency.

When implemented,the app increases capacity in an integrated workflow,streamlining communication in a very efficient process that enforces accountability and the capacity to share information hierarchically, and reach everyone needed to get the job done.It also eliminates delays and promotes messaging and collaboration required for efficient workflow Other Features bundled with this solution include;

Core Features of the Business Process Automation app include:

  • Batch processing : allows the administrator to automatically categorize,label sort,extract data from the repository.
  • Restricted Access : provides different levels of security access and privileges thereby eliminating unauthorized access.
  • Intelligent routing and notification : Automatic email alert when documents are passed from staff to staff.
  • Document Activity trails : Monitor and record all of the activities that occur during the movement of a document.


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