Intranet Portal Design

Intranet Portal Design

intranetWe help companies enhance their business productivity and communication channels by setting up Intranet Portals for their internal operations. An intranet is a secured private network held within an organization in the form of a website for the dissemination of information and technical resources.

It is hosted on an in-house server and is only accessible to employees within an IP range. Intranets help to maximize the use of time for transferring documents and company-wide information such as contacts,presentations, phone books.

Infocheck has been successful in developing advanced intranet applications that perform competitively with enterprise database applications. Our Intranet application is designed to help businesses manage employees, customers, schedules, operations, sales, inventory and more.

Our cutting edge intranet portal design includes the following:

  • Company Calendar / User Calendar
  • Document and files Repository
  • Intra-company communication
  • Task List
  • Ongoing Projects
  • Events
  • Inventory
  • Wiki
  • Message board
  • Blogs
  • Access Permission Levels
  • Contacts
  • Resource Links

Our solution provides a secure medium for the distribution of confidential information,reducing cost and improving professionalism and efficiency.

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