Home Security System

Home Security System

home cctv securityOur Home Security System is a complete suite of safety gadgets designed to safeguard and monitor the events and activities at your household while you are away.Our Home Security Systems features an integrated fire alarm alert and surveillance system that allows you to monitor your household and protect your home from fire, theft burglary and unforseen dangers.

Our Home Security System is customized to suit your needs and consist of state-of-the-art chips that ensure your maximum protection and keep your mind at peace anywhere you go. Never again worry about theft,fire outbreaks or buglars while you are away.

Our Home Security Systems includes;

  • Covert CCTV Camera: virtually undetectable Monitor housekeepers and others who work in your home with Covert Cameras.Log onto our patner website from anywhere to monitor your household on your computer. You can receive email or text message notifications when certain events happen.
  • Intelligent Door bell:Get notified whenever anyone knocks on your door.This works by routing your door bells directly to your phone.Answer to visitors even when you are not around from your phone.You can also hear discussions in the background when you keep mute.
  • Passive Infrared Motion Detector (PIR): Be alerted of intruders with a PIR system, an electronic security device senses motion or body heat in the protected area and sounds an alarm when the system is breeched.
  • Fire Systems: Receive instant notification when a fire is detected via interconnected smoke detectors.The system automatically alerts the fire service and helps to prevent fire disaster.
  • Other features include Access Control,Video Door Entry,Remote Controlled Gates.


Our Home Security Systems are user-friendly, durable and highly effective. For more information on setting up a home surveillance system, please fill the form below


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